A client side logging service with real-time monitoring solution for javascript.

As I tweeted,

I just published my  project “log4sure”, which is a client side logging service with real-time monitoring solution for javascript

I was working on this project on and off for a year now and finally it was at the point where it was good to release the beta version.

log4sure.js is a javascript library that allows you to log your client logs to the server. A server that is separate from your application server, so that you do not have single point of failure. Lets dig a little deaper

What is it (What problem does it solve)?

log4sure.js allows you to log client logs to the server and monitor it, in Real time. Javascript developers who are developing javascript libraries do not know when and where is their creation used. This helps them log event, errors and objects. With this data it does some log analysis, What kind of analysis? I am glad you asked.

Features – In depth:



geo summary

  • It lets you do some analysis on where your users are in this big world, pin point their country and their IP addresses.
  • It allows you to know which Operating System and its version they are running.
  • It allows you to know which Browser they are running and which version they are running it.
  • It allows you to divide your logs in Text, Error and Custom Logs, which allows you to catch and store all errors as well as design your custom table. Sometimes text logging is just not enough.
  • If that’s not enough, it allows you to tail your end user’s browser console, this is very powerful when you didn’t log stuff or just want to check out for unwanted errors.
  • Its lets you see all your logs real time so you can just watch it and say, “Oh someone is really using the javascript library/website i wrote“. That’s a great feeling. OR “Ouch! That function is causing errors in Safari 9 but runs fine on Chrome 50
  • It lets you know which version of jQuery are they running. You know, because jQuery is really common.
  • It lets you archive your logs so that you can retrieve them later and do analysis on this. (helps a lot, when you release a new version of your javascript)
  • It allows you to do whitelist and blacklist ip address, you guessed, it blacklisting them will block them from logging in your library, whitelisting certain ip will only allow those guys to log in your library.
  • It generates an overwhelming summary of your javascript library or website and lets you tweet it 🙂 Something like: “Till now, js fiddle is used in 16 different countries, in 6 different type of browsers, in 9 different type of Operating Systems by 35 unique users!”
  • Last but not the least, Its free.


  • Its built on asp.net and sql server
  • Its using singalR for its realtime communications
  • The UI is using bootstrap 3
  • Hosted on azure

I still have so many more features popping into my head, but I decided this will be the cut of this first release, will see how it goes.


So you see its little more than client side logging to the server, Why did i build this? Honestly, It started as a side project and somewhere in my heart I thought “You know, this can be used by few guys out there fighting different browsers, different os, or even just developing cool client side browser running libraries” So I took it a little more seriously and one thing after another led to this. Hope you like it, hope you use it and hope you have fun with it.

What should I know?

So there are something that you should know nothing heartbreaking just some details and gotcha moments

You get a token Id for each javascript library or website you register to use with log4sure
Each token can log for up to default 5000 logs, After that the logs will be automatically archived, do not worry they will not be deleted.
Once an ip is blacklisted by more than 10 users, It will not be able to connect to log.
You can log in to the site via facebook or twitter accounts or create your own.
There is an app coming for this 🙂

Leave your opinions in your comments, would love to hear them.

Happy coding.

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